How to Write a Standout Business Plan Pt.1 (Webinar)



Part 1 of a two part series on how to write a legitimate business plan.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders love to tell stories about their company’s founding, its vision and values, its awesome products and stellar services. They’re compelling narratives, but they lack the gravitas and objectivity needed to sway financial backers.

To land funding, you’ve got to extend beyond emotional appeal and think like a financier. You need to deliver solid evidence and a convincing argument that your business startup or expansion is a low-risk high reward proposition.


Step by step this webinar will help you craft a winning plan that attracts investors. Exceptionally clear and practical, this webinar will explain how to:

  • gather key data and survey existing or prospective customers
  • prepare an executive summary that paints a vivid picture of your business, your markets and potential risks
  • structure your business plan in the most logical way (e.g., market analysis before marketing plan)
  • analyze market demand, competition, strategy, resources, financials, risks and opportunities and assemble them into a coherent, consistent and credible whole


Real world examples, clear instructions and a steady focus on what investors need to know.



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