Business Terminology

This course is designed to introduce & explain to you to all of the concepts and vocabulary you will inevitably run into during your entrepreneurial journey. You are going to learn how each one of these concepts applies to the world of business and why it is important to YOU as an entrepreneur. For example, We will teach you all about the different legal structures you can incorporate as when getting your business license, you will learn what a sales funnel is and what lead generation is along with some tips on how to perform these crucial tasks. Each section of this course is designed to provide you with as much value as possible in the early days of your entrepreneurial journey.

As a reminder, be sure to take advantage of the additional course material we have provided and activities included in the course. Additionally, you will receive a certificate of completion at the very end!

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Course Materials

Everything listed below are resources we have found to be helpful to us throughout our entrepreneurial journeys!,, Rise of the Youpreneur by Charles Ducker (This is a book)

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