Hi, I’m Landon and this is my story.

Landon Rowinski is an entrepreneur coach, mentor and founder of Perceived Limitation. Landon works with entrepreneurs and startups to help them build and grow into established, scaleable companies. After spending nearly a decade in the United States military working and training with some of the best leaders, Landon utilizes his knowledge in leadership and business to assist the budding entrepreneur. He knows exactly what it takes to be an outstanding leader and implements innovative strategies in his online courses and business templates. His ultimate goal is to build a brand that resonates and connects with the intended audience on a deep emotional level.

Landon has worked with multiple businesses and startups in the Greater Atlanta and around the globe helping them to achieve business success. He currently works with the Gwinnett County Public School System speaking at various ROTC programs and business/entrepreneur programs on topics including leadership, discipline and business. In addition, he works with various high schools throughout the Gwinnett County area helping them to develop entrepreneur style training for their students. 

Landon has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Georgia. He currently serves in the Georgia Army National Guard as a 1st Lieutenant. 


My professional career began when I joined the  United States Army. I attended a military boarding school from age 11 to 18. Shortly after, I went to a military college where I trained and studied for 4 years in their ROTC program. On December 14th 2014 I accepted a commission as a Lieutenant in the United States Army National Guard as a medical officer in a Calvary unit.

One of the most defining moments in my life was when I wasn’t accepted into medical school. As my dreams shattered around me I had no other option but to find a job. I managed to secure a job in insurance, developing my critical thinking and analytical skills. Wanting more out of life, I decided to blaze my own trail as an entrepreneur. Through years of persistence, dedication, tenacity, and discipline I ventured out on my own and never looked back.