Founding Principles
Perceived Limitation helps to inspire entrepreneurs to change their lives for the better through the teachings of three simple principles: discipline, hard work and vision.






Discipline: Discipline is the bedrock of success. Without discipline to help maintain focus, success will be hard won. Discipline means waking up early to start working and staying up late to get in a few extra hours. Discipline means constantly focusing on the finish line and doing what is required to meet your goals.





Hard Work: Hhardworkard work is also an important component in any organization. You must be willing to put in the time and effort if you dream of making it to the top. Anybody can be born with talent but SKILL comes from hours and hours of beating on your craft, countless trial and error and months of irrationally hard work.






Vision: Vision answers the question “WHY?” Why are you doing what you’re doing? Your vision is what will help to keep you going in dark and hard times. You must believe in your vision because it will be challenged time and time again. People will try to tear you down and tell you that it won’t work. Always remember why you started!